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Wava Studio is the boutique version of Wavaflow's Legacy, the real deal.
After long years of endeavours in the Recording Industry in Hollywood California, Wagner Fulco took a new direction more selective more excluded and more customized approach in the art of Recording and Producing.
Wava Studio Gives you the opportunity to work one on one with the legendary Musician, Engineer and Producer Wagner Fulco. (check out the Clients page for your reference)
  • Wagner Fulco uses Pro Tools tp capture the magic of music

  • As one of the first persons certified by Digidesign, Mixing in Pro Tools became the fastest and most accurate tool for the job

  • The art of capturing defines the quality of your music

  • Wagner Fulco will Master your songs and delivery ready to print

  • Forget about the clock take your time and listen to it until its really done

  • And of course, Wagner Fulco as a Multi-Instrumentalist will make sure you don't leave with anything missing in your track

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