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Wagner Fulco

Production requires hard work and passion. Wagner Fulco brings a vision to renew the world of music.

Wagner began his career like most Brazilian musicians playing in night clubs, particularly Lua Nua in Guarulhos, where he performed alongside Brazilian phenomenon Mamonas Assassinas. After moving to the United States and working with artists like Steve Vai, he became actor Antonio Banderas' private engineer, guitarist, arranger, and friend. Through Banderas, more opportunities opened, allowing him to work with Alejandro Sanz, Sting, Vicente Amigo, Penelope Cruz, Elton John and others. Wagner eventually opened WavaFlow Studios in Los Angeles, California where his first customers were the rap group Black Eyed Peas and Sergio Mendes.

Wagner has also worked on various projects with Snoop Dogg, Motown Records, and Tribo de Jah lead singer Fauzi. He also recorded a version of Livin 'La Vida Loca, sung by the Puss-in-Boots (played by Banderas) in Shrek 2. In 2010, he introduced Brazilian legend Pepeu Gomes to the American market by playing as his guitarist on a recent tour to the USA. Through his connections, Wavaflow Studios become a "headquarters" to the most important productions made in Los Angeles.

Wagner has also made appearances in the Cypress Hill music video "Amanda America" with Pit Bull and Marc Anthony. Outside the studio, Wagner headed the DARE contest for numerous schools in California, and the winner (Brandon Archer) recorded a CD at the Wava Flow studios.

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